8 Rock Songs For Kids

Rock music has long been a favorite among kids. It is full of energy and excitement and can get kids moving and grooving along with the beat. There are many great rock songs for kids that they will love to listen to and dance to. Here is a list of some of the best rock songs for kids:

The We Will Rock You

The We Will Rock You kid song by Queen is a classic. It’s one of the most recognizable songs in history and has become a staple of many sporting events. The song features a short guitar riff and is one of Queen’s most popular songs. It has been featured in numerous movies, and T.V. shows, including the 2015 Pixels. The song is also a popular choice for Karaoke.

I Love Rock ‘N Roll 

I Love Rock ‘N Roll is a popular kid’s song perfect for getting your little ones moving and grooving! This catchy tune will surely get stuck in their heads, and they’ll love singing along with the fun lyrics.

The simple message of the song – that rock ‘n roll is fantastic – is sure to resonate with kids of all ages. So crank up the volume and let your kids loose with this fun and energetic tune!

The best rock songs for kids are the ones that make them want to dance. They’re often filled with catchy lyrics and drum rolls that excite them. You can introduce them to famous rock bands, such as Queen and Pink Floyd. In addition to these songs, you can teach your child about other genres of music and culture.

Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” is loaded with swagger. It could have easily been hokey, but Jett makes the song sound totemic by the first chorus. She uses the song as a chance to unleash the full force of her tough-kid charisma and makes rock N Roll sound like a worthy pursuit.

The original version of “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” was recorded by the Beatles. This popular song is popular with both kids and adults. The Beatles’ version of “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” became a viral sensation within two weeks of its release in 2009. Many artists, including Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, and The Clash, also covered the song.

Rock Around the Clock

“Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets was a hit in 1954. It was the first rock ‘n’ roll song to reach the top of the pop charts. It helped propel rock from novelty to popular music. Its success led to subsequent renditions by Chuck Berry and other rock stars. The song was written by a teenage boy and became an instant classic.

This fun and catchy song are perfect for getting the kids up and moving! Rock Around the Clock is a great way to get everyone dancing and having a good time.

Rock Around the Clock is a great song for kids of all ages. It is perfect for getting the little ones up and moving and also a lot of fun for adults to sing along to. This song is sure to get everyone in the party mood!

The lyrics of this song are easy to sing along to. They are all about having a good time and enjoying life. This is a song that will put a smile on your face!

The song has been registered with the U.S. Library of Congress. Bill Haley and the Comets have been credited with creating a classic. The Comets first performed the song in Wildwood, New Jersey. The Comets were subsequently signed to Decca Records.

Jump, Run and Shout

The Jump, Run and Shout kid song is a simple and energetic way to encourage children to get moving. The song’s primary focus is jumping, running, and shouting, encouraging participation in each verse. The song is a great way to get children moving and have fun.

I Love Summertime

The classic I love Summertime has been a summer staple for kids for years. This tune evokes images of sand, sea, and sun. The classic song’s lyrics also reference ice cream, butterflies, and frozen snowmen.

It can help kids prepare for summer, relax after a long day at school, and celebrate the beginning of summer.

The Singing Walrus has struck another home run with this song that focuses on a summer day. The song has action steps for the kids to follow, and it’s a great transition song from one activity to another. It’s also great for motions and colors; you can even use it to teach swimming.

The “I Love Summertime!” kid song is a fun tune reminiscent of the 1980s. It features a grooving rhythm that shows places to visit during summer vacation. It is an excellent warm-up song to get kids talking about their favorite summer destinations. The lyrics will also encourage them to sing about their favorite places. It will stick in their heads. Once they’ve heard the song, they’ll be eager to talk about their favorite places to spend their summer vacation.

The song also has plenty of references to pop culture. In addition to the summery lyrics, the band’s “Summer Girls” song is an alternative classic with references to Cherry Coke, The Beastie Boys, and Shakespeare. The song has a pop-culture riff reflecting how the boys grew up in the 80s.

Walking on Sunshine 

Written by Kimberley Rew and released on the Waves’ album, Walking on Sunshine was one of their first hits. The song reached the top 10 in the United States and Australia. It was also one of the band’s biggest U.K. successes until the release of Love Shines Light.

The song became a chart-topping hit for Katrina and the Waves. The band was formed in 1975 in Cambridge, England, and consisted of guitarist Kimberley Rew, drummer Alex Cooper, Kansas-born vocalist Katrina Leskanich, and bassist Vince de la Cruz. During its time on the charts, the band covered songs by Heart, Foreigner, Linda Ronstadt, and Z.Z. Top.

The song has become an icon of pop culture, appearing in dozens of films and commercials. The Muppets also covered it in 1993. Dolly Parton recorded a country version for her 1996 album Treasures. And in 2005, Aly & A.J. gave the song a more contemporary twist.


When you think of the famous movie Footloose, the kid song by Kenny Loggins comes to mind. The song is based on the music that made the movie a success. Kenny Loggins has had a prolific career that spans over four decades. His songs have appeared on many Hollywood soundtracks and have been played on stages worldwide. He has also produced platinum albums in many genres. He has also won Grammy awards for his work.

The hit song “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins first came to life in the 1984 film starring Kevin Bacon. Kenny Loggins has rewritten that classic song in a picture book for kids. The story features colorful illustrations by Tim Bowers. The book will be a hit with younger readers and parents who loved the movie and the song.


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